Clients & Testimonials

Here are just some of the more well known clients I have treated throughout my career:-

  • British Adult Figure Skating Championship 2012 – Adult Free Skating Silver Medalist
  • Coventry City Football Club
  • Aston Villa Football Club
  • Derby County Football Club
  • Ex-President of the United States of America
  • Coventry Godiva Harriers Athletics Club
  • The Clothes Show Live
  • Gladiators
  • Central TV
  • Eurovision Song Contest
  • City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra

Members of the following bands:-

911, Republica, All Saints, Another Level, Black Sabbath and Eurythmics

In addition, I have treated top level sports people from sports such as golf, boxing, world championship superbikes and track and field.

I also treat newscasters and comediennes.

Here are just a few happy customers:-

“I have suffered with fibromyalgia for many years and tried numerous conventional and alternative treatments.  I have been having therapy with Sue for 15 months and found it to be most beneficial.

Sue is reliable, a very good listener, offers good advice when asked and is never ‘pushy’, Sue certainly knows her ‘stuff’.  \having home visits is an added bonus.

Excellent therapy and good value.  5 star ranking.”

Carol J

“I have been receiving sports therapy massages from Sue for more than 3 years now on a regular basis.

Sue is very professional and knowledgeable in her field and I highly recommend her.

She has certainly helped to keep me more mobile.  Get yourself an appointment!”

Marisa M

“I really look forward to my sessions with Sue, for I know, no matter how stiff and sore my muscles feel, her able hands will find ‘the exact spot’ that needs to be fixed.

As a dentist and an ardent badminton player I know the importance of a good sports masseur, hence I have recommended Sue to a lot of my friends who are equally pleased with her professional skills.”

Dr Anika Arshad, Dentist, Solihull

“Sue has been treating me for back problems for fifteen years. She is an excellent practitioner and has been crucial in maintaining my mobility and flexibility.  I can not recommend her too highly as she is both professional and exceptionally skilled in deep tissue massage.”

Sue McGlen 

“My daughter is only 13 years old. She is a member of the GB Gymnastic Squad and trains for a minimum of 27 hours each week.  Sue has been regularly massaging Ella for nearly two years.  She is very reliable, punctual, friendly and always professional.

Due to the demands of gymnastics on a young body, Ella often has aches, pains and tight muscles.  Sue has a talent for fixing these muscular problems before they develop into a severe strain and injury.  Sue also gives advice on additional exercises to aid recovery.

 After these sessions Ella feels revitalised, relaxed and her muscles feel less tight and painful.  On occasion when Ella has been in pain or discomfort, Sue has shown compassion and support in rearranging her own time to massage Ella urgently.  This level of support is invaluable and enables Ella to continue to train without risking further injury.

 I would gladly recommend Sue to others.  She is a key element to any training schedule.”

Bev & Ella Cooper (GB Gymnastic Squad member) 

“Since suffering a stroke in February 2011, I have been receiving regular treatment from Sue and have found that the pain and tightness in my back and upper limb have reduced considerably and find that I have been much more mobile.”

Steve Buley

“Sue was recommended to me by my skating coach.  I had a recurrent problem that my then sports massage therapist was not able to treat successfully.  Sue made an immediate difference and this injury has not come back.  I have had other strains and stresses which Sue has also dealt with.  Being a competitive adult skater takes its toll!  I would not hesitate to recommend Sue.”

Sarah Lines, Adult Skater

“Sue has acted as a Sports Masseur to Aston Villa Football Club since July 1999 till September 2003.  In this capacity, she works alongside Physiotherapists treating Staff and Players alike.

 She has been coming to the club every week for a varied number of hours to carry out her treatments and she is highly recommended by myself.”

John Gregory, ex-Aston Villa Manager

Dear Sue,

 Thank you so much for the wonderful care and advice you gave me when I had a niggling muscle injury.  Besides the excellent sports massage, I regularly did the exercsies you gave me between sessions to speed up my recovery and appreciatiate that you did not mind speaking to me when I was unsure if I was doing these exercises correctly.

 I now think of you as my “one stop” shop for all such aches and pains because you get me back on my feet quickly so I can enjoy life. 

 I am so glad I know I can always rely on you for this help.  You really are brilliant at what you do and I would have no reservation in recommending you to others.”

John Harper

 “Leading up to a national competition I had an injury which needed treatment to enable me to compete.

 Thanks to Sue’s great knowledge of her job and the care she takes of her clients I am pleased to say I was able to compete and had a great result!

 I would not hesitate to recommend Sue to anyone – in fact, I already have!”

Sarah Carter, Adult Free Skating Silver Medalist, British Adult Figure Skating Championships 2012

  “This is just a brief note to thank you for your sports massage services to Coventry City Football Club.”

Ron Atkinson, ex-Coventry City Manager

“I have a longstanding problems with neck and back trouble / tension due to stress, doing a lot of sports and working on computers all day. 

 Sue’s treatments are definitely helping to relieve the long-standing pain and tension through deep massage and advice.  She puts a lot of skill, energy and enthusiasm into her massage.

 If you have any injuries or tight muscles, Sue can really make a difference.  I couldn’t recommend a better masseuse.”

Jenny Buley