This is a unique foot massage based on Chinese roots such as acupuncture.

The feet are a map of the body and by locating specific reflexology points, imbalances can be redressed and thus stress and ill-health improved.

Reflexology compliments other health care work and has few contraindications.  It produces healing and relaxation in all parts of the body as the nervous system is directly affected, and thus when the body is relaxed, healing has an opportunity to take place.

Reflexology also clears the body of toxins and balances the whole system whilst giving revitilizing energy.

It works by treating the ten energy zones – five on each foot – that run the length of the body from head to toe.  Any organs or parts of the body that lie in a particular zone can be accessed along that zone via applying light pressure with the fingers and thumbs.

Again, reflexology is holistic and is designed to work on the whole person with the object of inducing a state of balance and harmony.

To clarify what type of reflexology I do it’s the basic foot reflexology which can address problems but will leave you feeling lovely and relaxed.  I trained at Solihull College in a ‘Diploma in Reflexology’ qualifying with VTEC.