How do I make an appointment?

For the very first appointment I only accept appointments via telephone. This is for a number of reasons – personal safety, to ensure I can actually help with your injury/problem, ensure you are within my radius of travel etc. After that first appointment then texting is acceptable.

Do you work mobile or have a clinic I can travel to?

I ONLY work mobile.

What do I wear?

For both bowen therapy and reflexology light clothing is best, for sports massage I will need access to the skin.

How much notice do you need?

Simply put, as much as if possible especially for evening appointments which can get booked up quickly. I do run a cancellation list as well and will get in touch should something become available.

Do I need to provide anything?

Just enough room for me to set up and work. I bring my own mobile treatment couch, towels, bolsters and pillows etc