About Me

I have worked as a mobile sports masseur since September 1995 both in conjunction with other healthcare professionals and alone.

During my career I have working in many different arenas from an osteopath clinic to backstage TV, to music concerts and premiership football clubs, to name but a few.  These days I work entirely on the public giving treatments in peoples’ homes.

I hold the following qualifications (this is not an exhaustive list):-

1995 – IIHHT Fitness & Sports Therapy Diploma

1995 – IIHHT International Sports Therapy Diploma

1996 – FSMT Diploma in Sports Massage

1997 – The Football Association Basic Certificate in the Treatment and Management of Injury

1998 – RSA Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy (run by the Welsh School of Sports Massage)

1998 – The Football Association Intermediate Certificate in the Treatment and Management of Injury

1999 – IIHHT Diploma in Reflexology

2004 – Bowen Therapy Technique Diploma (awarded by the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia)