Sports Massage

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Sports massage is designed to stretch, manipulate and maintain the soft tissues of the body by using various different techniques.

It can be used by anybody at anytime (contraindications permitting) – you do not need to be participating in sport to feel the benefits of this traditional “hands on” therapy.  I treat people ranging in age from 13-90years, male and female, sporty and sedentary, but all feel the benefit of having a deeper massage.

      Some of the benefits of sports massage are:-
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Stimulates the circulation
  • Speeds up the supply of nutrients to the various structures
  • Speeds up the removal of waste products
  • Relieves stress and tension
  • Scar tissue can be remoulded
  • Assists in mental preparation for sporting competition
     * Makes you feel better!


There are different types of sports massage depending on whether you do competition or not.  The one utilised in clinics/during home visits is the clinical/remedial massage.  This is when specific problem areas can be dealt with.  Injury sites can be addressed as can muscles on an individual basis.  This is the type of massage many people can benefit from as it aims to put the body right again.  Adhesions can be broken down, range of movement at joints can be improved and a healthy state within the body is maintained.


If you do participate in sport however, many find they can recover quicker, train harder and if necessary, repair from injury faster as the body is encouraged to heal more efficiently than it would without the massage.

When you compete in sports there are three times when different types of sports massage can be of advantage:-

Pre-event massage:-  This is a warm up massage designed to be stimulating, superficial, fast-paced and rhythmical lasting a short period of time.  It’s geared towards the athletes event and is a general, non-specific, light, warming and pain free massage.

Intermediate event massage:-  This occurs when the athlete is still competing be it between rounds or over several days of competition.

Post-event massage:-  This is to aid recovery after competition.  It is a slower, slightly deeper massage aimed at relaxing the muscles, removing waste products and identifying any possible problem areas.  It encourages your body to retain homeostasis more quickly.

Sports massage need not be painful.  Where muscles are tight there may be some discomfort but I don’t believe in putting people through excrutiating pain and wishing they’d never set foot on my couch.  That’s not the type of therapy I enjoy so I don’t do it to others.  Sports massage appointments should be an enjoyable experience leaving you feeling much better than when you came in.