Coronavirus & Working Practices

* * Temporarily closed due to the national lockdown * *

During these times you may be worried about inviting someone into your home to carry out therapies but please, do not worry.

Over lockdown I did an online course into covid-19 giving me information about this virus, the do’s, the don’t’s etc.

The government have given strict working guidelines for practitioners such as myself which we must adhere to and follow for everyone’s safety

Firstly, the day before any treatment I will call the client to go through a medical questionnaire. It is a simple yes or no affair unless you need to supply me with extra information. Do not be worried about doing this as it doesn’t necessarily mean you cannot have treatment, it may just be something I need to be aware of and take into account, such as underlying health conditions for example. This questionnaire is only done once and after that it is expected that clients be honest with me about their health, and if in any doubt about anything, to contact me.

On the day of treatment I will arrive on your doorstep wearing a visor, mask, apron and gloves (shoe covers are optional should you wish to protect your carpets).

Upon setting up the couch and face cradle (if applicable), both will be cleaned before and after treatment (I put all waste in a bag and take it away with me). The lotion bottle and clock I carry will also be cleaned. The couch is then covered with a face cover (if the face cradle is used) and a sheet. The client then needs to put a large towel and pillow if required on to the couch. The last thing I do is remove my gloves and santise my hands before beginning the treatment. I do use a small towel to wipe off any residue of the lotion – all covers, sheets and towels are clean for each property and only used at one property before being taken home and washed – there is no crossover between households whatsoever.

Once treatment is finished back on go another set of gloves so I can once again clear up, clean and pack away.

Lastly is payment (if not done online), any new appointment made before providing a sheet on the NHS Test and Trace system and how you will be contacted if required – very important to know this at the moment with so many scams being around.

My visor, mask, apron, shoe covers (if worn) and gloves are removed when I am back at my car. Hands are again sanitised.

I have been advised that the couch carry case or work bag doesn’t need to be cleaned (due to what it is made of this would be hard to do anyway) and that I am to put it to one side where the client will not come into contact with it. I have also come to hear that the virus doesn’t adhere as well to fabric as other surfaces.

In regard to whether or not the client needs to wear a mask, the guidelines are not currently clear for home visits. I am asthmatic and therefore classed as vulnerable though and stuggle through every winter season as someone ususally comes in ill and passes it on, so I would appreciate it if clients did wear a mask but obviously this is only a polite request.

Please be prepared to provide 2 large towels and a pillow for any appointment until further notice. I am asking clients to do this in order to keep costs down.

If you have any questions on this, please feel free to ask, it’s no bother at all.