Coronavirus & Working Practices


Whilst these have been trying times for all concerned and many businesses have been able to completely scale back on the Government guidelines issued, many practitioners including myself, are still maintaining some semblance of protocols as we are not yet out of the woods, so to speak.

Covid 19 is still considered an at work risk and as such is covered by the Health and Safety Laws.  To this end I am still implementing the following designed to keep both you the client and me, the therapist as safe as possible:-

  1. Therapist still wearing a mask
  2. Still some cleaning of the equipment 
  3. Hand sanitising pre and post treatments
  4. Glove wearing post treatment
  5. Medical questionnaire completed prior to treatment
  6. Client to provide towels
  7. Therapist to provide fresh linen for the treatment couch to every household

 This winter will be particularly challenging as we will not be locked down (fingers crossed), unable to mix, we are not distancing or mask wearing unless we choose to do so – this will no doubt cause issues with more illnesses but with common sense, let’s hope we can get through in one piece.  As an asthmatic myself it is important that I keep well so I please ask anybody who comes for treatment to not do so if they or anyone in their household is ill.