Bowen Therapy

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This is a gentle therapy which originated from Australia by a gentleman called Tom Bowen who carried out many successful appointments for numerous ailments.

The therapy consists of a series of rolling moves across various structures (predominantly muscle) with pauses between the moves to encourage the body to start healing itself ‘from the inside out’ rather than be pummelled ‘from the outside in’.

Whilst the whole body can feel the benefits of this therapy, specific areas treating specific problems or ailments can be targeted.

Anyone from newborns to the elderly can receive Bowen safely for numerous complaints as it has very few contraindications, and work can be carried out either directly on the skin or through light clothing.

Bowen is not a massage, chiropractic, acupressure or many other things.  It is holistic and is merely a tool used to begin the body’s own healing process.

It is a stand alone therapy as any other manipulative therapy could interfere with its effectiveness so clients are requested not to use multi-discipline therapies with the bowen.

I qualified with the Bowen Acadamy of Australia via the Bowen Association UK IN 2005.